Restroom Trailer


  • The Mens portable restroom quarters have 2 urinals & 1 full door stall for a total of 3 stations. 


  • The Womens luxury restroom quarters have 2 full door stalls for a total of 2 stations.  


  • Each portable restroom trailer is comfortably cooled in the summer with a roof top AC unit. In the cooler months of the year the trailer has a total of 3 heaters. Which means it can be used year round. 


  • Each common area in our restroom trailers have hot water supplied by an on demand hot water heater.


  • Each common area has a motion activated soap & paper towel dispenser.


  • The restroom trailer is equipped with a surround sound stereo system controlled by either an SD card or via USB ( I pod ).


  • The trailers have LED lighting throughout the interior & on the exterior as well.


  • Each restroom trailer is equipped with a 225 gallon fresh water tank if a fresh water supply is not available.


  • Each trailer is equipped with a 450 gallon waste holding tank which can accommodate up to 225 guests.   


  • Our Luxury portable restroom trailers are beautifully decorated to give your guests the feel & comforts of home.

  • Red Carpet Restrooms LLC carries a $1,000,000 general liability coverage insurance policy on each trailer. 

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A 4 station unit with separate entrances for privacy. 

Available in August

$1400 1-day event rental

Special Event Delivery & Setup

  • We service Metro Detroit, South Eastern Michigan and Northern Ohio.

  • Delivery to any event within a 20 mile radius from Canton, Michigan is included in the standard rental price. Outside the 20 mile radius a $2.00 per mile driven charge to & from event will be added. 


  • Each site should be level & of solid ground. Trailers weigh over 6,000 lbs. So keep that in mind. 


  • If the customer desires the trailer to be staged in a location that is inaccessible by vehicle the trailer dolly can be used to gain access to the perfect location. 


  • Each trailer needs (2) 20 amp circuits for electrical demands. If using the winterization package 3 will be required. A generator can be rented if electrical is not available. 


  • A fresh water hook up is required. If water is not available a 225 gallon fresh water tank can be filled for an additional charge. 


  • All cords & hoses will be provided.

  • 1 set up & cleaning is included in the standard rental price.

Restroom Trailer Pricing

  • Monday -Thursday $1,000 for a one day event.

  • Friday-Sunday $1,300 for a one day event.


We typically drop off the trailer the day before an event to setup then pickup  the day after the event but other arrangements can be made if needed.

  • 1 week rental with 1 cleaning and waste tank clean out in the middle of the week included $2100. If additional cleanings/dump are needed there will be a charge of $250.

If power or water are not available we offer a self sufficient restroom trailer experience using the following at an additional cost :


  • One day event rental for Honda 3000iS generator with a full tank of gas $150.

  • 1 week rental for Honda 3000iS generator with a full tank of gas $300.

  • 225 gallon water holding tank full for $50.

  • $250 booking deposit is required to reserve trailer.

  • Delivery of unit within a 20 mile radius is included in standard rental. An additional fee of $2.00 per mile driven to and from event will be added to total cost if needed.