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New ice cream carts are
ready for use at your next event!

  • The delivery charge for carts will be waived if you are also renting a restroom trailer from us for the same event. If not a delivery charge will apply or the cart can be picked up at our location. They weigh less then 100 Lbs and can fit in the back of a standard pick-up truck.

  • Our carts are perfect for holding ice cream at your event or any other items that need to be kept frozen.

  • They are powered by plugging into a standard 110 outlet. If there is nowhere to plug in you could use dry ice although we do not supply it.

  • If you are interested in buying one of the ice cream carts you see, we can make a custom cart for you painted in the color of your choice. Please contact for pricing & availability  

  • An example of the prices to fill the following carts. This is going off of previous customer's feedback...

5' Cubic ft: $125

7' cubic ft: $150-$175

  • The following prices are when ice cream was bought at BJ's or Costco.

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